Celebrate Veganism

Each month an exclusive day will be set aside as a Vegan Day. Workshops, guest lectures, Presentations on various aspects of Vegetarianism will form part of the agenda. This two hour program will also help members to meet and get educated on vegetarianism/ veganism. Guest speakers will guide members with innovative ideas to make the switch to a healthy vegetarian/ vegan diet.

Week long activities that can include cookery contests, roadshows, having stalls in malls to publicize the concept, interviews on the national media, magazines, radio talk etc. This will coincide with the anniversary celebrations of Kenya Vegetarian Society.

A fair during the pleasant holiday season in Kenya with veg stalls where we can sell ready to eat home prepared stuff with nutrition info, recipe etc.

World Vegetarian Day and Vegan Day-Each year the 1st of October is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day while 1st of November is observed as World Vegan Day all over the globe. Kenya Vegetarian Society will observe this day with events and programs to highlight the benefits of vegetarianism/ Veganism.

One day of the week where members can stick to a strict veg schedule and share their experiences online

Exclusive yoga classes for KVS members.

Parents can discuss and explore healthy options for their children.

Regular cookery classes can be held by the society which will hand hold newer recruits.

Some products can be sold in outlets made by KVS like ready made easy to mix powders, papads, pickles

Official Inauguration of Reforestation program

Kenya Vegetarian Club officially inaugurated the reforestation program in Kisumu county with the donation of Muringa seeds. The program was initiated in Ketito village with the local farmers who have ready to plough lands. The group of farmers representing various small villages came forward to commit their lands for the reforestation program. Each farmer has committed atleast an acre of land for reforestation.

I am thankful to the villagers who have responded to our appeal for the program and initiated the seed planting. Our intention of donation of Muringa seeds is because they can be directly planted into the farm and they have many medicinal properties. We are planning to plant more than fifty thousand trees in Kisumu region. We have identified locations for thirteen thousand trees but still looking for more places. If any of my readers know any farmers or people who would be interested in the program please feel free to call us.

What is KVC?

The Kenya Vegetarian Club established by Shrivedant Foundation supports the cause of vegetarianism and hopes to increase the number of vegetarians in Kenya. The Club endeavors to

  • Promote human health
  • Protect animal rights
  • Preserve the environment

World over there is a great interest in vegetarianism today. People from all walks of life would like to switch over to a vegetarian diet if they are convinced of its merits. Some are confident about their food habits and make the switch easily. Others need support, guidance and perhaps a gentle nudge. Also, there is considerable confusion in the array of products that are available on the shelves of the supermarkets. Many shoppers find it difficult to tell which food and drinks are produced using animal products. The food industry often uses products that may not be suitable for vegetarians. Health professionals are not very clear about the merits of a vegetarian diet as they receive little or no training in vegetarian nutrition. Parents are confused whether a wholly vegetarian diet would provide the required nutrition for their kids.

The Kenya Vegetarian Club aims to fill in this space and will support, guide and promote vegetarianism by arranging various programs and events that will help members to understand and appreciate the importance of vegetarian diet. The Club will promote tree planting and help save the beautiful forests of Kenya. We need to join together and preserve our wildlife and other national resources for the future of our citizens.

The Kenya Vegetarian Club aims to promote vegetarianism in Kenya amongst local Africans and others.

Founder’s Message

The cause of vegetarianism is very dear to my heart and I have decided to devote my life to promoting it thereby saving the environment. We have encroached the forests, depleted the ozone layers, misused, abused and overused natural resources in our desire to lead a life of crass materialism. In our race to reach the top, we have shown scant respect to Mother Nature. We have become economically powerful but morally bankrupt. We must put an end to this madness, come together, conserve our natural resources so that we can leave something for the next generation and above all learn to be more compassionate towards other human beings, animals, plants- in short towards all living forms.

Fortunately, I have always been a vegetarian, born into a traditional Hindu Gujarati family. In the early days of my life, whenever I used to see animals going to the slaughter house, it used to make me numb and really helpless. I always knew that when I would be in a position to make a difference in society, this would be the first thing I would like to do.

I sincerely seek your support to contribute to the Society by saving our animals, forests, environment and surely our health. Please support us by sending your comments to us.