Tree Planting

Kenya Vegetarian Club has been planting trees across Kenya for few years now. We identify the farmers who can actually nurture them and donate the trees accordingly. So far we have donated more than ten thousand saplings to needy farmers.

Trees clean the air, they provide oxygen, give shelter from the sweltering heat, cool the atmosphere, make a place habitable, conserve energy, save water, prevent pollution, ward off soil erosion, provide food & wood and also create habitats for wildlife. Trees are indeed a precious resource for mankind.

This is not all. Let us enumerate the benefits of planting trees. An average size tree creates sufficient oxygen in one year to provide oxygen for a family of four.Planting trees in the right place around buildings and homes can cut air-conditioning costs up to 50 percent. This helps in reducing global warming directly. Planting trees for the environment is good as they are renewable, biodegradable and recyclable. If we plant 20 million trees, the earth will get with 260 million more tons of oxygen. One acre of trees can remove up to 2.6 tons of Carbon Dioxide each year. During photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Did you know that in one year, an acre of mature trees absorbs the amount of CO2 produced when you drive your car 26,000 miles? Trees prevent air and water pollution. Planting trees is important as they are the natural habitat of animals and birds, as well as many endangered species. Planting trees means more wood and paper products which can be easily recycled.A newly planted whole forest can change tonnes of atmospheric carbon into wood and other fibrous tissue, thus reducing global warming.

Modernization which calls for building industries or widening roads for the ever growing transport has proved to be a bane for trees. Many trees are cut mercilessly without a thought. The long term repercussions stare at us in the face. Modernization is inevitable, so how do we save trees. We can urge the government authority which comes in to cut trees for one project or the other to save the trees and re-plant them somewhere else. This will help in regenerating the trees. Alternately, if this is not possible anyone who cuts a tree should undertake to plant two more in its place.

Kenya Vegetarian Club is planning to plant a hundred trees in every school in Kenya. There are more than ten thousand schools in Kenya. We have made a beginning in Kisumu County and gradually we will take it across the entire country. It will turn into a mass movement very soon with enthusiastic participation from all sections of the society for it is for the future of this nation, for this planet.


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