A Fully Vegetarian Village

ItahariTole, a village in Bishnupur, Saptari, has turned into a pure vegetarian settlement.There are 200 households in the village where all residents are Mandals, except for one family each of Harijan, Kamar, Thakur and Kayastha.

Consumption of meat and fish is prohibited in this settlement. “As all the villagers follow Kabirpanthi philosophy, they are against killing any living organism,” said former VDC vice-chairman Mohan Mandal. Villagers have never consumed meat on the sixth day of a baby’s birth and have never carried a fishing net in the locality since ancient times. “We are also against animal sacrifice to appease the Gods,” said Mandal. Duragananda Mandal, a local youth, said nobody is allowed to hunt in the village. The villagers offer fruits, betel nuts, and flowers to their kuldevta in Kabir Ashram, said Chandreshwor Mandal. Local youths pay homage to their kuldevta before leaving for foreign employment. Social activist Bhupendra Mandal said anybody found consuming meat will have to distribute curd and beaten rice to the entire village as penalty.