Program Details

The event details are as follows:

23rd Nov. 2018. 

Time: by 4 pm: Arrival of the international guests on 23rd Nov before/ around lunch.

5 pm: Press conference with media regarding the conference

7 pm:   Will be the opening ceremony

24th Nov: List of event during the conference:

10 am: Opening ceremony of the conference

10.30: talk about nutrition

11.00: demonstration of yoga

11.30: Presentation – Brahma kumari

12.00: Presentation – Bhakti marg

12.30: Presentation – Iskon

1.00: lunch

3.00: Demonstration by the chefs about various vegan food

4.00: Presentation

4.30: Presentation

5:00: rest

7.00: closing ceremony

Exhibition on 24th Nov. 2018 

The exhibition is free to all visitors. Following people and organisation will participate in the same.

  • School children with science presentation
  • organic farmers
  • religious centres
  • vegan products
  • leather free products
  • meat substitutes
  • Sponsors