Program Details

Program Details:

23rd The opening ceremony of the event (only by invitation)

5.00 pm: Press conference by Nitin Bhai Mehta, Marley, Emmanuel (only by invitation)
6.30 pm: to be seated at the Auditorium Hall
6.45 pm: opening ceremony with Kenyan and Indian anthem, Diya Lighting, Candle lighting
6.55 pm: Local dance
7.10 pm: Introductory speech by MC
7.15 pm: Speech by IVU chair – Marley
7.25 pm: speech by KVC – Vaishali
7.35 pm: speech by Emmanuel Eohy
7.45 pm: speaker – Mary Muthoni Muriuki (Director – women & gender – KNCCI)
7.55 pm: speaker – Manish Shah
8.05 pm: Indian Dance
8.15 pm: Vote of thanks
8.20 pm: speaker – Darshan Chanderia
8.30 pm: Speaker – Manu bhai Chanderia
8.40 pm: Speaker – Mr. Sharad Rao
8.50 pm: Speech by Chief Guest – High Commissioner of India to Kenya Mr. Rahul Chhabra
9.00 pm:  Indian dance
9.10 pm: dinner

24th Nov: List of event during the conference:

10.30 am: Opening ceremony of the conference, MC will state the purpose

10.45:Demo – Sheila – performing yoga for different purposes

11.00: speaker – Vedanti Ben – Brahma Kumari Africa

11.15: demonstration of yoga by Africa yoga centre (Nyakinyua Chege)

11.45: speaker – Khilan Shah – Bhakti Marg Kenya (topic – True Yoga and Veganism, what’s the relation?)

12.00: Speaker – Shilpa Haria – Bhakti Marg Kenya, A living testimony of how true Yoga, vegan diet and spirituality an heal chronic diseases

12.15: Jessika Ava (ProVeg)

12.30: Marley (IVU chair)

12.45: Victor Sjodin (USA)

1.00: lunch

2.00: demonstration by chef – Coach Vie (non cooking)

2.20: demo by chef – Katya – European food with desert

2.40: Demo by Darshana – Jain vegan food

3.10: Demo by Chetna Desai – Indian vegan food

3.30: speaker – Rukma prabhuji – Iskon

3.45: Amy Rapp (TNR Trust)

4.00: Nitin Dawar (Art of living)

4.15: Ady Coulibaly (Ghana)

4.30: Tea Break

5.00: speaker – Cynthia Schuck (IVU – USA)

5:15: speaker – Tarure Gatere (NLP master, vegan activist)

5.30: speaker –

5.45: speaker – Wanjiru Mahihu (how to grow organic roses)

6.00: Speaker:

6.15: Closing ceremony – MC’s remark, vote of thanks, closing remarks by Marley, announce the winner of essay competition and science exhibition, hand over the flag of IVU to Jessika, gifts to speakers of the day, dinner

Exhibition on 24th Nov. 2018 

The exhibition is free to all visitors. Following people and organisation will participate in the same.

  • School children with science presentation
  • organic farmers
  • religious centres
  • vegan products
  • leather free products
  • meat substitutes
  • Sponsors

Vendors for the stalls: 

If you sell vegan / vegetarian food, leather substitute products, meat substitute products, organic produce, vegan cheese or any such products; you are welcome to join us in the exhibition. The stall is costing only KSH 2000/- for one day which includes meal for two people of each stall.

You may call Priti Shah on +254 714222156.