Speakers on 2nd day

Speakers on 24th Nov – Conference 

1) Virginia Nyaga (coach Vie)


Virginia Nyaga – The Happiness Alchemist – is a Certified Success Coach and Pranic Healer. She specializes in Wellness Coaching. Wellness encompasses 6 areas of life – Health, Business / Career, Relationships, Finances, Emotions and Spirituality. She coaches her clients to make positive changes in these areas of their lives through detoxing / cleansing through juicing programs, bespoke coaching programs, cooking classes and pranic healing (an energy healing modality) with the intension of getting you to your True happiness.

Virginia is also a media personality, appearing on K24’s Alfajiri Show where she demonstrates how to prepare vegan dishes and educates on the value of adopting a more plant based diet especially when one is dealing with a Lifestyle / Chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. She has also appeared on KTN’s Life and Style Show, KBC’s Good Morning Kenya and also has a YouTube Channel.

Virginia is the founder of Newrishment, Co-founder of The Back To Nature Movement and Co-founder of Weza Capital (A Business Growth Incubator).

Virginia’s mission in life is “To Heal the World One Person at a Time”.

Website: www.newrishment.com

Facebook: newrishmentcoach / Twitter: newrishmentkoch /  Instagram: coachvie / Youtube: Virginia Nyaga

2) Taruri Gatere

Poster pic.JPG

Tarurî Gatere began her vegan journey in 2011 while she was studying a short fashion course in Florence, Italy. She stumbled upon the PETA website and found a 2 week vegan challenge which left her feeling healthier than ever before. Upon returning to Kenya later on that year, she struggled to remain vegan and found herself going back to animal products but she never forgot how good she felt on a vegan diet. In 2013 she went back on her vegan journey and with new determination to stay the course she began a blog called The Kenyan Vegan where she shared her trials and explorations in the kitchen. She was committed to keeping her vegan diet as fun, delicious and interesting as possible. In 2017 she changed The Kenyan Vegan to Freegan Soul and began to hold cookouts selling vegan food and in 2018 she began to do some small scale catering.

Tarurî Gatere is also a practicing Life Coach and occasional designer.

3) Khilan shah (Bhakti Marga Kenya)

khilan Shah picture

Madhusudanadas (Khilan Shah) is a devotee, husband, father, working professional and also the current Rotary Kenya Country Chair. He was initiated as an Atma Kriya Yoga teacher for Kenya, in 2014, by his Satguru Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda – an enlightened spiritual Master, a Kriya yoga Master and the founder of Bhakti Marga Kenya. With the continuous practice of Atma Kriya Yoga over many years, he has and continues to experience profound and positive inner transformations, something he really wants everyone to discover within themselves, ultimately leading to a  living experience of unconditional Love in our daily living. He teaches Atma Kriya Yoga, Mudras, Simply Meditation, Project Mantra, and conducts Om Chanting circles and related practices during his spare time on the weekends and evenings.

4) Ady Namaran Coulibaly (Côte d’Ivoire)

ADY (2)

Ady Namaran Coulibaly is the editor of Health Africa Magazine (a bilingual plant-based diet and environment magazine) and the Executive Director of Ghana Humane Society, an animal-welfare and environment NGO. She is also an interpreter and translator. She has been leading the Meatless Monday campaign in Ghana and carries out vegan advocacy. Her aspiration is to see veganism becoming the norm in all corners of Africa.

She will be speaking on ‘One health, one welfare’. This topic essentially aims to shed light on the relationship between the health of the planet and that of humans and animals, focusing on the role of alternative food systems.

5) Cynthia Schuck

Mini-Bio: Cynthia has a PhD from Oxford University in Animal Cognition/Evolutionary Biology and two postdocs: one at Oxford, and another on the evolution of advanced cognition and the conditions for its emergence. She was the co-founder and scientific director (2005–2017) of a consulting company in the field of global health, sustainability, and data analysis in the life sciences. Since 2015, she is the scientific coordinator, and coordinator of the environment Department, of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society. She is also a council member at the International Vegetarian Union.

Talk: The global impact of animal agriculture

6) WANJIRU MAHIHU (Topic: How to grow organic produce and the business) 

_DSC8969a (1)

She is currently the Marketing Director of Baraka Roses. They grow Roses for Export to mainly Europe, Asia and Middle East. Previously she has worked in Liaison Insurance Group, Bahari Beach Hotel, SDV Transami and Mitchell Cotts Freight Limited.  She has gained over 20 years experience in Marketing and logistics.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Business Administration and French from Franklin College, Switzerland.

She is also a Board member of Bahari Beach hotel, Thiomi Group and  FC Talanta, a youth  talent development program supported by Unicef, CCK and Ministry of youth affairs and sports.

Organic Foods Ent.

Lilian holds a BA in Economics and Sociology, a Masters in Finance and is in the process of completing a Masters in Entrepreneurship. She also holds a Diploma in Marketing and Cosmetology from Chicago. Lilian is passionate about healthy living and changing lives through that.

An accomplished professional with business acumen and over 7 years expertise in creative marketing, sales, financial services and new business development. Lilian has demonstrated excellence and passion in market development. Now a certified organic farmer and a holder of a certificate course in sustainable organic production, she has served on a volunteer basis as the chairperson of the Organic farmers group and the organic farmers committee, a community based organization comprising of farmers who are spread across Kenya. In this capacity, she pursued opportunities for establishing organic markets for farmers, has organized sessions for training and access to information that directly impacts the farmers ability to improve their quality of life. She has been instrumental in establishing a weekly organic farmers market in Karen, Nairobi.

 She then launched Organic Foods; a leading producer and marketer of organic produce.

Two years later, Organic Foods had a fully fledged organic section at Nakumatt Westgate Even though she relinquished her position as chair of the organic farmers group as a result of more responsibilities at Organic Foods, she continues to be actively involved in marketing organic produce in the region.

Organic Foods has networked with Danish and Swedish organic organizations as well as other interested sponsors of the organic sector in Kenya. This collaboration has provided inroads for further partnerships with other stake holders in the region especially Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. She is also involved in strategic local and regional marketing teams and its initiatives for growing the industry.

Lillian’s passion for a healthy lifestyle continues to be a major driving force for Organic Foods. She possesses great leadership qualities; she is passionate about her team continuously challenging and testing their skills to conjure new ideas and implement working business systems.


P.O Box 59472,00200 +254 720 323 217

Email: muthoni88@gmail.com

Mary Muthoni Muriuki is the 1st Female Director (Women & Gender) at the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce & Industry (KNCCI) and the Founding & Executive Director of St-Petroc Premier School and Chairs its Board. She serves as the Chairperson Women In Business Kenya and Champions trade & gender inclusion in the private sector and public sector through establishment of WomenIn Business Kenya (KNCCI-WIB).

Her contributions have received recognition from the Kenya Council of Governors making her the holder of the 2017 Devolution Warrior Award, due to her role in Promoting WomenEmpowerment in Delivery of Public Service particularly in championing women’s access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO).

Mary is the founder of the Women in Business Magazine, and the 1st ever Women in Business Awards Kenya. She is currently working on a project; WOMEN IN BUSINESS MASHINANI (Grassroots). She sits in the Tobacco Control Board of Kenya and is a director in the African Women in Business Alliance. She was noted to be among the 6 most influential women in Kenya for 2017. Current holder of the Africa Business leaders award in regards to gender.

Mary has also engaged in high level trade dialogues in various Global, National and County Level forums on topics touching on Women in Trade and leadership in business such as EMPRETEC, International Trade Centre, Barclays partnership launch #SheTrades and other BMO workshops. She advocates for Women inclusivity in Trade during High level Trade Expert & Stakeholder meetings such as UNCTADS Expert Meeting on Gender and Trade in Geneva, Switzerland, Inclusive trade and digital economy, TICAD and HLM2. She represented the country in IORA Workshop in April 2018 to Strengthen Women’s Economic Empowerment in the Indian Ocean – Preparations for the Ministerial Conference and Working Group.Further, Mary has headed the British Council Program for Schools and appointed to represent the Sub Saharan countries together with the lead Kenyan Music group; Sauti Sol in London (Corn Wall). She sits in a number of National Boards and holds a Bachelor of Education from Catholic University and completed her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Management and Marketing.

Mary is married with four children. The family is an integral institution and has been her anchor in all she does.

9) Victor Sjodin


Victor Sjodin is the Vice President of College Outreach and International Expansion at the NGO Vegan Outreach, which reaches several million students with the vegan message each year through grassroots activism.  Victor has promoted veganism at over 700 universities and in done activism in 17 countries.  He aspires to collaborate with local activists to start more systematic sharing of the veg message with college students in Kenya.  Victor will speak about why and how Vegan Outreach strategically reaches students with the vegan message and relate some tactics he uses when discussing the issue with people around the globe.  You can find out more about the work of Vegan Outreach at www.VeganOutreach.org.


Vice President of College Outreach and International Expansion