IVU Meeting of Leaders of Veg Organizations

IVU Meeting of Leaders of Veg Organizations – Nairobi

23rd November – Oshwal Center – 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Leaders / representatives of Vegetarian Organizations are invited to attend this meeting to share experiences and get to know each other to discuss effective ways to achieve better results for the advancement of the movement.

Organizations attending so far: IVU (International Vegetarian Union); SVB (Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira – Brazil; ProVeg – Germany; Kenya Veg Club; Young India Vegetarians – UK; Brahma Kumari Africa; Bhakti Marg Kenya; Vegan Outreach – USA; Nigeria Veg Soc – Lagos, Nigeria; Vegan Nation; KNCCI; TNR Trust; Iskon; Art of living; The Kenyan Vegan.


IVU and its objects (Marly Winckler – IVU chair)

IVU vision on effective strategies for progress(Cynthia Schuck – IVU Councillor)

ProVeg vision (Jessika Ava – Germany)