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Founder’s Message

The cause of vegetarianism is very dear to my heart and I have decided to devote my life to promoting it thereby saving the environment. We have encroached the forests, depleted the ozone layers, misused, abused and overused natural resources in our desire to lead a life of crass materialism. In our race to reach the top, we have shown scant respect to Mother Nature. We have become economically powerful but morally bankrupt. We must put an end to this madness, come together, conserve our natural resources so that we can leave something for the next generation and above all learn to be more compassionate towards other human beings, animals, plants- in short towards all living forms.

Fortunately, I have always been a vegetarian, born into a traditional Hindu Gujarati family. In the early days of my life, whenever I used to see animals going to the slaughter house, it used to make me numb and really helpless. I always knew that when I would be in a position to make a difference in society, this would be the first thing I would like to do.

I sincerely seek your support to contribute to the Society by saving our animals, forests, environment and surely our health. Please support us by sending your comments to us.