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The Veg Safari



The Veg Safari is an attempt to explore the compelling need for the world to turn vegetarian today. The choice to turn wholly vegan or vegetarian is not dictated by moral or ethical concerns alone, nor is it an attempt to convince anyone using religious mumbo jumbo. The book presents many case studies to back its claims and the author Ms. Vaishali Shah who is also the founder of Kenya Vegetarian Club has spent many years studying the effect of the meat industry. Foremost among the many consequences of a flesh based diet is its effect on one’s health. If that is an individual concern, then the dwindling nature of earth’s precious resources is certainly a cause for collective concern of all nations. The poor nations are hit the hardest as land and water which can be used to eradicate hunger and mal nutrition are diverted to grow fodder for cattle which will eventually end up on the lunch plates of only those who can afford it.

Locals can be convinced of the need to move away from animal-based foods if alternate methods can be explained to them. Also cultivating farms and growing more food will improve their own health index as also bring in some revenue and employment. Planting trees, donating seeds, cultivating vegetables are all helpful in improving the health and productivity of the nation. The book raises various pertinent queries and addresses the concerns of all readers and is backed by case studies that help it to connect with the readers easily.

It is a dream to see a healthy, nourished and prosperous Kenya in the not too distant future and this book is an attempt to create that golden future.

Take a pledge

We welcome you to formulate your own pledge and send it to us. It will be displayed on the site with your name. Give us two minutes of your life to think about greener world.

Encourage all your family members, friends and acquaintances to experience a vegetarian lifestyle and exhort them to take a pledge. We must motivate those in our circle to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the sake of the future generations. We want to see a society that values compassion and by being a vegetarian we are doing ourselves a great service as we are not abusing our body which is designed for only plant products.

This is an online campaign and every vote for vegetarianism will count. If we take the pledge we can persuade others who will be motivated by the sheer number of people signing in and they too will join the campaign. So spread the good word and help others take the pledge.

Pledge to go vegetarian for a better me, a better you and a better world in below form.


your pledge is displayed here;

Seed Donation

There are millions of mal nourished children and adults in this world.  Finding enough sources of food for them is a growing challenge. Cultivating crops that are suitable for local consumption and optimum utilization of land and water resources should be the focus of every country. There should be a green revolution in every county so that every place becomes self-sufficient and people do not suffer for want of food.

Organizations and non-government agencies can come forward to donate quality seeds so that local communities can get empowered and grow food. ‘Food for all’ is a worthy cause and seed donation is the backbone of this program. We can undertake such donations and hope that the seeds eventually fulfil their destinies by becoming full-fledged crops capable of bringing joy to hungry stomachs. The quality of soil is also an essential factor that has to be taken into account. If the soil is not prepared in advance and plant beds not created in the farms, then the entire exercise can go futile. Farm hands should be trained in all these factors before we undertake to donate seeds.

How can we achieve a good seed bed?

  1. Prepare the land atleast 30 days before the onset of rain
  2. Plough the land thoroughly to achieve a fine seed bed.
  3. Use organic manure or natural fertilizers to make the soil rich in nutrients.
  4. Know the type of soil well in advance to plant the correct seeds
  5. Transplant it from the nursery if required
  6. Go local, plant only those crops that grow well in the region
  7. Manage pests and weeds and optimize production.
  8. Sow seeds that are disease resistant and which have been carefully picked

Our region should move to become a top producer and not keep importing food as this would support the economies of other countries while draining ours. Every country or region should become self-sufficient as far as food is concerned. Quality seeds, good soil, higher yield, improved connectivity, wider reach- all these will help our region become a top food producing country. We should strive to achieve that very soon.


Health Awareness Programs

Vaishali Shah, the founder of the club is committed to spreading the message of the benefits of plant based diet. She conducts seminars on how to slowly switch to plant based diet without loosing any nutritions and be compassionate about nature and animal alike. It is an alternative to meat diet which is equally delicious, nutritious and healthy. 

WHO defines Health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is wealth, this may sound clichéd but without good health, there is no meaning in life. Kenya Vegetarian Club(KVC) has embarked on a mission to create health awareness among the local population.Eating meat and animal food increases the risk of ill health as they are saturated fats with high levels of sodium. Besides they may also have potentially life-threatening poisons and contaminants like hormones, herbicides and pesticides. Besides, their bodies may also harbor many viruses, bacteria and parasites like salmonella, trichinella and other worms. All these are consumed by those relishing their flesh. No wonder, meat-eating has been linked to cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, kidney stones, and many other such deadly diseases. In Kenya, cancer is ranked as the third leading cause of death.

KVC in creating Health Awareness


KVC conducts health awareness seminars and workshops in various cities and towns in Kenya. The aim of these Seminars and Camps is to build awareness about the various benefits of a vegetarian diet and encourage the local population to switch over to a healthy lifestyle free of diseases and problems that plague people in general. Ms. Vaishali Shah, Founder of KVC conducts these programs and it is the dream of KVC to see a disease free Kenya. In order to achieve this goal, KVC aims to reach out to schools, colleges, universities, public institutions, corporate organisations, private companies, NGOs, health and welfare organizations besides religious and social bodies.

How does KVC aim to achieve this?

KVC presents powerful slide shows, movies and study materials showing the audience the ill effects of persisting with a diet that is unhealthy and potentially dangerous to the human body. Armed with facts validated by research, participants are motivated to give up eating meat and embark on healthy eating habits. It is a matter of great pride that there are many instances where people have been convinced enough to give up meat eating after attending these programs.

Let us make Kenya a healthy nation. Come join us in our journey towards good health and good food.

Celebrate Veganism

Each month an exclusive day will be set aside as a Vegan Day. Workshops, guest lectures, Presentations on various aspects of Vegetarianism will form part of the agenda. This two hour program will also help members to meet and get educated on vegetarianism/ veganism. Guest speakers will guide members with innovative ideas to make the switch to a healthy vegetarian/ vegan diet.

Week long activities that can include cookery contests, roadshows, having stalls in malls to publicize the concept, interviews on the national media, magazines, radio talk etc. This will coincide with the anniversary celebrations of Kenya Vegetarian Society.

A fair during the pleasant holiday season in Kenya with veg stalls where we can sell ready to eat home prepared stuff with nutrition info, recipe etc.

World Vegetarian Day and Vegan Day-Each year the 1st of October is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day while 1st of November is observed as World Vegan Day all over the globe. Kenya Vegetarian Society will observe this day with events and programs to highlight the benefits of vegetarianism/ Veganism.

One day of the week where members can stick to a strict veg schedule and share their experiences online

Exclusive yoga classes for KVS members.

Parents can discuss and explore healthy options for their children.

Regular cookery classes can be held by the society which will hand hold newer recruits.

Some products can be sold in outlets made by KVS like ready made easy to mix powders, papads, pickles