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Seed Donation

There are millions of mal nourished children and adults in this world.  Finding enough sources of food for them is a growing challenge. Cultivating crops that are suitable for local consumption and optimum utilization of land and water resources should be the focus of every country. There should be a green revolution in every county so that every place becomes self-sufficient and people do not suffer for want of food.

Organizations and non-government agencies can come forward to donate quality seeds so that local communities can get empowered and grow food. ‘Food for all’ is a worthy cause and seed donation is the backbone of this program. We can undertake such donations and hope that the seeds eventually fulfil their destinies by becoming full-fledged crops capable of bringing joy to hungry stomachs. The quality of soil is also an essential factor that has to be taken into account. If the soil is not prepared in advance and plant beds not created in the farms, then the entire exercise can go futile. Farm hands should be trained in all these factors before we undertake to donate seeds.

How can we achieve a good seed bed?

  1. Prepare the land atleast 30 days before the onset of rain
  2. Plough the land thoroughly to achieve a fine seed bed.
  3. Use organic manure or natural fertilizers to make the soil rich in nutrients.
  4. Know the type of soil well in advance to plant the correct seeds
  5. Transplant it from the nursery if required
  6. Go local, plant only those crops that grow well in the region
  7. Manage pests and weeds and optimize production.
  8. Sow seeds that are disease resistant and which have been carefully picked

Our region should move to become a top producer and not keep importing food as this would support the economies of other countries while draining ours. Every country or region should become self-sufficient as far as food is concerned. Quality seeds, good soil, higher yield, improved connectivity, wider reach- all these will help our region become a top food producing country. We should strive to achieve that very soon.