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Take a pledge

We welcome you to formulate your own pledge and send it to us. It will be displayed on the site with your name. Give us two minutes of your life to think about greener world.

Encourage all your family members, friends and acquaintances to experience a vegetarian lifestyle and exhort them to take a pledge. We must motivate those in our circle to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the sake of the future generations. We want to see a society that values compassion and by being a vegetarian we are doing ourselves a great service as we are not abusing our body which is designed for only plant products.

This is an online campaign and every vote for vegetarianism will count. If we take the pledge we can persuade others who will be motivated by the sheer number of people signing in and they too will join the campaign. So spread the good word and help others take the pledge.

Pledge to go vegetarian for a better me, a better you and a better world in below form.


your pledge is displayed here;