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Kenya Vegetarian Club wants women trained on income generating initiatives

Kenya Vegetarian Club (KVC) has called on the Kisumu county government to train women farmers on how to start income-generating activities. KVC Founder Vaishali Kamal Shah said the county government should urgently equip women with skills that will help them create wealth.

Vaishali said women should be trained on greenhouse technology, growing tree seedlings, dairy farming, biogas production, poultry farming, beekeeping and fish farming. Speaking on Tuesday at Kogony village in Kisumu while distributing vegetable seeds to women farmers, she told county government to set aside funds for women farmers. Vaishali asked women to embrace commercial farming especially vegetable farming for income and to promote vegetarianism.

“Women farmers should focus on vegetable farming for domestic and export purposes,” she said. Vaishali said vegetable farming will promote human health, protect animal rights, preserve environment and improve the lifestyle of locals.

County Maendeleo Ya Wanawake organization chair Atieno Otieno said the women will choose the activities to be financed by the county. ”Part of the money should be given to them so that they can start businesses as the county continues to monitor and evaluate their progress,” Atieno said. Addressing more than 300 farmers, she said women should take advantage of Kisumu International Airport to export their produce. The chairlady noted that Kisumu has huge chunks of fertile land that women should plough to produce horticulture crops. Atieno said through, farming, the women will ensure their families have enough food.




Shrivedant Foundation has restored hope to many

More than 400 needy children drawn from Kibigori area, Muhoroni in Kisumu County line up for what they like most, a sumptuous meal and sweets every lunch time provided by Shrivedant Foundation. The Foundation built the original Kamleshwar Mahadev Temple, Kibigori more than 100 years ago before the facility was transformed into a modern shrine in July 2013 but has since become a blessing to hundreds of children from poor families. Vaishali Shah, the chairperson, Shrivedant Foundation said the motivating reasons that required establishment of the Hindu temple in the remote part of the County has now turned the shrine into a beacon of hope for the many children and families through the feeding programme.

Shah said the Hindu community felt compelled to be part and parcel of the expansive Western Kenya community but with focus on the less fortunate in society who could hardly afford three square meals a day. “We wanted to do something unique as the Shrivedant Foundation which is a family trust set up by myself and my husband resolved to add value to the lives of local residents, particularly children”, she confided.

The foundation also conducts medical camps; donates household utilities alongside the feeding programme which has become popular with the children and other stakeholders who are already considering taking up other roles for the common good. Shah said they also give seed donations, train local residents on vegetable farming and tree planting even as Shrivedant Foundation spearheads the unique Kenya Vegetarian club that has attracted many people who don’t eat meat, fish and other related products.

The chairperson commended Kisumu Governor, Jack Ranguma and County Commissioner, John Elung’ata for their unwavering support including security to the facility and children amidst the expansive sugarcane plantation. Shah revealed that the foundation has a major development agenda for the area with the sole aim of creating employment and wealth for the local community with a view to transform their economic status. “We plan to build shops for medical and household goods to enable our people access quality services like health, education, water as part of our commitment to service to humanity”, she explained.

By Joseph Ouma



Interview on K24 Channel and Q FM Radio in Kenya

It was a lazy afternoon of Tuesday 19th April when I planned to go to the studio of K24 in Nairobi. It was preceded by an interview at Q FM radio in the morning. The topic was only about vegetable farming as it was a short interview focusing on promoting various business ventures in small cities of Kenya.

The anchor went straight to the main topic and asked me relevant questions about how vegetarianism can help farmers and others.

Listen to the interview on


Interview in KBC TV

It was a very early morning for me to start my day for this interview. After going through the initial discussion about the topic with anchor, we went on air. I must appreciate the smartness and the study anchor did about the vegetarianism. He asked me very relevant questions and the flow of interview was just perfect.

The interview went on for 40 minutes and we could cover most of the area about vegetarianism, vegetable farming, tree planting, health and wellness.