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Vegan/ Vegetarian Clubs

Let’s start Vegan/ vegetarian clubs in every country, city and county to promote veganism/ vegetarianism among the population. Representatives from each club will facilitate meetings by organizing a high tea and a healthy discussion. These clubs should function as nodal centres for our Society and encourage non-vegetarians to attend the meetings and the idea is to help them make the crossover to veganism/ vegetarianism seamlessly. These vegan/ vegetarian clubs along with their representatives and members will be displayed on the site after they register the club on the site. They will act at the micro level motivating people belonging to different sections of society.

One area to focus upon can be students from schools. ‘Catch them young’ should be our aim. Those who have a good rapport with school management or other such stakeholders can approach schools and give a motivational talk to the students. Graphic, moving videos on cruelty caused to animals can be shown to students and the benefits that accrue from following a wholesome vegetarian diet can be explained to the students. These will motivate the students who can eventually act as catalysts of change by persuading their parents and other elders to adopt veganism/ vegetarianism. Have special programs, organize debates, quiz and presentations on the theme of veganism/ vegetarianism in schools.


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