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Why Plant based diet?


Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular in the world today. While many make the choice for health or religious reasons there are many others who want to support animal welfare or conserve natural resources. Whether it is for ethical reasons or promoting animal rights, switching to a vegetarian diet ensures lesser carbon emissions thereby helping the environment greatly. What are the compelling benefits of adhering to a vegetarian diet?

Better Health

Medical practitioners today vouch for the benefits of a plant based diet as it is a sure shot way to combat many diseases, build resistance, fight ageing and above all stay healthy.

Weight Loss

A food that is made of whole nutrient rich grains and cereals is not only nutritious but also helps in keeping us healthy. As we feel full there are less food cravings and we do not tend to indulge in junk food. throughout the day.

Avoids Mood Swings

Food that comprises of vegetables and fruits actually improves our mood and helps us stay a lot more fresh and alert